Main partners

With 650 MW in operation or under construction, 3,000 MW under development and a turnover of 300 M€,QUADRAN GROUP is firstly an independent leader of green electricity production in France but also in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific. QUADRAN GROUP works with wind power, photovoltaics, hydraulics, biogas, and biomass. QUADRAN GROUP is a shareholder of HYDRO-M ENGINEERING. +Info

With its experts, experience, skills and partners, HYDRO-M ENGINEERING supports developers, investors and projects managers. Since 1976, HYDRO-M ENGINEERING has been studying, designing and building its small and medium-sized hydroelectric projects. For the past 40 years, HYDRO-M ENGINEERING has been carrying out thousands of appraisals and studies as well as assisting with project ownership. HYDRO-M is the owner of HYDRO-M INTERNATIONAL. +Info